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Record breaker for Bridges @Solbar

Good-evening ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who couldn’t make it to Friday nights show at the Solbar  (Feb 19th)  you missed out on more than just a crowd breaking record… you also had the chance to be part of an epic night of documentation and filming! With the help of heavyweight reggae champs, The Mighty “Bearfoot”, the 320+ strong crowd was up the front on their feet to the sound of Good Vibrations! Providing food for the soul the boys had everyone mesmerised from the get go! Performing an absolute strategic set, perfectly tuning the crowd into a jelly mould of goodish love mojo, Bearfoot were none but impressive to say the least on their delivery. The crowd was now ready to have their faces melted!…Chur chur Boys!

With the help of GT Photographics Greg and Chris, 9 cameras in total, the moment was definitely ready to be captured! All we can say is in the midst of playing their little asses off, the night became electric and The Floating Bridges delivered once again! This one-off live performance will be available as part of a Documentry DVD which includes the boys historic journey from the early days, their tour of England and their present day take on life on the road as one Australia’s premier new talents! Look out west coast it’s your turn next!!!

Beachy Byron



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