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Good-bye old Solbar, Hello new!

Good-bye old Solbar, Hello new!

This Saturday 12th April we’re heading to the Solbar for one last hoorah on the stage that’s brought so many drunken nights and good memories…if you can remember them!!!

The Point & Solbar have put their heads together and come up with a list of bands that have decided to party with us in style.
Come along to this Free Event on April 12 from 8pm.
This pre…tty much runs like The Point Parties… each band/artist gets 3 (to 4) songs…
It’s a plug in and play affair.
Some of the bands that have donated their services on the night will be –
The Floating Bridges
Kudos & Jesswah
Asher Chapman Trio
Hope Springs
Ayla Scanlan (and band)
Agnes J Walker & the Cry Babies

And more secret special guests on the night.

oh… and Those Old Soles will get up as well.

Hell of a send off before the massive housewarming party weekend for the new Solbar venue during Easter.

Share the event, bring your friends, support our local music industry.

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