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Bridges lose their West Coast Virginity!

If you could sum up the The Floating Bridges first West coast tour as a sexual experience… it was page 35 from Karma Sutra!!! OK no more sexual references! Landing in Perth our first stop on the map was Fremantle and what a beautiful start  to our adventures at Freostay African Palace! Like monkey magic we were set to get out of control at Mojo’s, our first show of the tour. As we hit the stage with the likes of Dillip and the Davs, the night all round was amazing! Both bands had electric sets and a new friendship was formed. Thanks for all your help Guys!

Step two and it was north to Four5nine! this place we got ourselves a cosy little room and a sweet little stage to get intimate with the audience… and that we did! Not to get all sexual again but damn it got hot up on that stage! the crowed was movin in and they started stealing all the oxygen, thank goodness it was short n sweet, I think the boys were gonna pass out!

Take it to the nec level! we headed south now to the quint little town of Bunbury. The Prince of Wales not only had the best stage and sound for the tour but a collection of T-shirts from all previous bands that had played the venue and damn they had some great acts through that pub, not to mention TFB! shout to viper for being such a bloody legend!

Okay so after our night at the Prince we definitely needed a day off, we headed south to do some scenic viewing. Between Margaret River and Dunsborough some amazing country and coastline, it really makes you appreciate what it means to be Australian. We had some fun jumping off the jetty and monkeying around on some crazy rope swings, what a life!

“Clancy, go get my fishing rod”! We’ll ya know we like seafood, and once again another great local spot at Clancy’s Fish Pub, an outside stage with more beautiful scenery, can it get any better? The final show of our stay and a great end to a week that was none other than successful! West coast thanks for getting up and grooving with us, we’ll back again soon for sure!


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